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Motorola Mototrbo radio system, what is it all about

For many years two way radio system operated on FM analog. That technology work very well for a long time and meet the communications need of commercial companies and public safety agencies.

It was limited in features and hard to extend the range beyond what one repeater site could give.

Also the availability of clear radio channel became a big problem. Narrow banding was an attempt to help with the over crowding but prove to cause a decrease in radio coverage. Mototrbo is a digital format that splits a channel into two unique useable time slots increasing capacity without decreasing range. It actually gives the customer about 10 -20% more range. Motorola has also made the direct connection between this digital technology and computer networking. By doing this we can connect radio repeater stations together through a computer network making large radio coverage areas. Digital opens up the door to large number of features we could not do with analog radios. One big advantage we can now make the communications 100% private. Mototrbo is a fully scalable solution that you can start small and expand as needed.  What I offer at D&R is considerable experience with this technology along with my years of computer networking and programming I can design a system that can meet your needs to and expandable for the future.

                                               Roger Santerre

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